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Top places to see in South Iceland

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Stunning waterfalls, lava fields, snow-covered volcanic peaks, glaciers, icebergs and black sand beaches…these are all the things that can be found on a road trip to South Iceland. The nature is truly at its full swing and shows a dazzling display of its abilities. One of the most blessed regions, South Iceland is certainly out of this world in terms of beauty.  Any trip to Iceland is incomplete without exploring South Iceland.

Places to See in South Iceland

Seljalandsfoss Waterfall

The stunning waterfall makes for the most iconic Iceland photos and is one of the main attractions of south Iceland. The beauty of the waterfall is that you can take pictures from all angles, and you can even go behind the waterfall. This makes it a photographer’s favorite waterfall. The volcanic glacier Eyjafjallajökull that famously erupted in 2010 feeds the waterfall.

Skogafoss Waterfall

Another stunning waterfall, which is one of the highest in Iceland. The fast gushing water often creates a misty background behind many rainbows that lead to stunning images and an amazing view overall. A big advantage is that you can go as close to the waterfall as you like. There is a staircase beside the waterfall that gives you the chance to view it from the top.


Plane Wreck

If I could choose a plane wreck to be located anywhere in the world, this would be one of my top choices. The plane wreck occurred due to a lack of fuel and luckily everyone survived. The black volcanic land, the Atlantic Ocean in the background and the incredible vastness of nature surrounding it makes it one of the most beautiful wrecks.


Vik, Black Sand Beach and Ice Cave

Vik is a colorful fishing village right in the middle of some spectacular nature. Despite the population being less than 500, it is one of the largest towns in South Iceland. Vik is a great place to stop for lunch, but it is highly recommended to stay here at least one night because of all the activities around it.

  • Myrdalsjökull Glacier. You can actually walk on this glacier, located right outside of town. There is a section of the glacier called Kalta which is an active volcano that hasn’t erupted for over 100 years. You are not only walking on a glacier, but also an active volcano!
  • Ice Caves. If you thought walking over the glacier is amazing, how about visiting an ice cave below the volcano? You can take a guided tour that takes you to this incredible ice cave. It is one of the top experiences in Iceland!



  • Reynisfjara. The epic black sand beach of Iceland, which is only a short walk from the town. Beware of the rough ocean! It is recommended to stay out of the water because of the strong tides.


Jökulsárlón has rightfully been named as the crown jewel of Iceland! The distant snowed capped mountains, the Atlantic Ocean, and the beautifully intricate icebergs make it a sight hard to fathom. You can take a boat ride to see the amazing icebergs. Also, just a 5 minutes’ walk away is a place called Diamond Beach where icebergs wash up on the black volcanic sand. Jökulsárlón is my person favorite and a place you cannot afford to miss.


The largest glacier, not only in Iceland, but also in all of Europe. The glacier encompasses 10% of Iceland, covering canyons, mountains and even volcanoes (some of which are active). In the winter months many tourists go to some of Vatnajokull’s stunning ice caves.


Popular for its varied hiking and the stark contrast of white glaciers, black volcanic land, green pastures, and water. Skaftafell is truly incredible!

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