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Guide To Bolivian Amazon

bolivian amazon

Travel Guide To Bolivian Amazon

Animal enthusiasts cannot afford to miss the chance to see the world’s largest and greatest rainforest. Bolivia represents a perfect opportunity to get a glimpse of this sweltering rainforest and its many enigmas. Visiting the Amazon in Bolivia is the most budget friendly option compared to other countries and offers biodiversity that is on par with Brazil. Here’s everything you need to know about visiting the Bolivian Amazon Rainforest.

There are two type of tours to choose from – Pampas or Jungle.

Pampas are wetland savannahs and the cheapest option to see the wildlife of Amazon. A classic Pampas tour doesn’t take you inside the jungle itself but visits the wetlands instead and therefore it may not seem like an authentic Amazon experience. However, the lack of trees makes for a spectacular viewing as you can see squirrel monkeys, capybara, pink dolphins and caimans. Some tours include fishing, where you can even catch piranhas. The Pampas tour can cost between $100-$150 for 2N/3D tour including food, stay at a basic accommodation, guided tours and entrance fee. 

The jungle tours take you deep into the stunning forest and although the chances of seeing animals are not as high as the Pampas tour, you can still spot exotic birds, monkeys, tapirs and insects. The jungle tours are more expensive than the Pampas tour and can cost from $250-$300 including everything.

The tour starts from a town called Rurrenabaque, which is a 20-hour bus ride away from La Paz. The bus journey is arduous and bumpy, descending about 3500 meters along unpaved windy roads.

Hence the best option to get to the town is by taking a 45 min scenic flight from La Paz. There are two airlines Amaszonas and Tam that operate on this route. A return ticket can cost anywhere from $140-$200 generally.

You can check here for different tours and prices.

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