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Guide To Fann Mountains

Fann Mountains

Travellers often overlook the Western part of Tajikistan because the Pamir Highway is so magnificent. However, the West is home to the Fann Mountains which are also incredibly beautiful and should not be skipped. Tajikistan has 1500 lakes and most of them are found in this region.Some of them are so spectacular that they stand out from some of the most famous lakes in the world. The Fann Mountains are also much more accessible and offer better hiking options than Pamir. In fact, the Fann Mountains are highly regarded by hikers and alpinists.

Top Sights To See

Iskanderkul Lake

The stunning Iskanderkul Lake is right up there with the world’s most beautiful lakes and is a must-see location in Tajikistan. I will let the pictures do the talking!

How To Get To Iskanderkul

Iskanderkul is only 2.5-3 hours away from Dushanbe, however, there is no direct public transport to the lake. There are a few chalets, guesthouses, and camping options available at the lake, so it’s possible to stay overnight once you’re here.

Seven Lakes

Setting out on a hike here is a great way to experience the beauty of the Fann Mountains and explore the sparkling lakes of Tajikistan. The hike from the starting point to the seventh lake is approximately eight hours, so the hike can be completed in about two to three days. The hike is not difficult and the trail only reaches an altitude of 2300 m. There are many small villages along the route, so this presents a great opportunity to interact with Tajiks (whereas the people you’ll encounter along the Pamir are mostly Pamiri, Wakhi, and Kyrgyz).

The starting point is in a town called Rachnapollon. You can use a shared taxi from Dushanbe to Penjakent and from there you can take a taxi to Rachnapollon.

fann mountains

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